Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Time to hang some postcards!

Hello Everyone! 

Here's a fast way to hang your pictures, artwork, and postcards without the trouble of drilling holes into your wall! 

I am sure some might have gone across a similar idea online but here's what I have done in 30 -45 min:

What you need to have (Colors are acrylic matt, which are suitable to multiple surfaces like wood, pottery and metal)

When you are done painting the washed-clothes' clips it would be good to spray it with a matt varnish for a long term use (make sure the clips are totally dried and be careful when applying the varnish)

End result ^_^ Done in 45 min including drying and cleaning time! haha

Time to hang your favourite postcards!

And some of your work ;)

That way you can easily change them every now and then!


Thursday, 5 July 2012

A "LOUD" call from Saudi Arabia!

Hello Everybody =) 

So I heard about this exhibition in Saudi from my friends and thought to participate with my designed t-shirts... 


The following is what my artist friend, Leon.D had posted about it.... Many thanks to him for letting me "borrow" bit of his post in here... 

To view the full article and other posts for Leon.D's work, click here



" LOUD " Exhibition Review

This is a quick insight for Loud Exhibition.
The event was a major success for Desert Designs and NTI events and had lots of people , friends , artists and collectors too.... 
I leave you now to enjoy pictures from the event.

a picture of the space.

merchandise corner

There are Tamadher's T-shirts

This is my piece at the show

This painting belongs to Maha Al Sahaf

Thats Rze8aah awesome work

These were all the lovely people ( the family who supported us and kept it all fun and artsy )

a nice illustration by Amishka 

and last but not least basmas awesome glazed work 

(Published by Leon.D)