Friday, 28 December 2012

What I have been doing lately...

Hello Everyone, 

I know it has been so long since I posted anything here... Thought to give some headlines of the things that has been keeping me busy for over 3 months... 
Please note that this post might give the impression that I am "showing off" in a way.... Probably I am a bit but I thought that some might be interested in joining me in some of these projects...

I have been doing some freelancing work for my cousin's house.... Most of them some ceiling treatments... 

I am also taking part of a volunteering designers team (7erak)  that is working on renovating the centre Bahrain Mobility International... This was an initial proposal for one of the rooms in the centre... 

Don't want to ruin it so I will leave the rest of the design until it become REAL! ;) 

You can find more about the team through our facebook page...

And at last and to manage with all this stress I have been doing some "anger management" of different kind.... 

That is a part of a reconciliation art project called (Ulafa'a). Know more about this project through the official blog here

That's all in a nutshell.... 
If you are interested in joining either 7erak or Ulafa'a contact me by commenting here.... 



Monday, 24 September 2012

Diary of A Mad Arabian Woman

Salaam Everyone! 

It's officially published online now! What I have been working on through a summer workshop on how to make your own Zine!

"A zine (an abbreviation of the word magazine) is most commonly a small circulation non- commercial publication of original or appropriated texts and images. The term compasses any self-published work of minority interest. "

And so I have created my zine "Diary of A Mad Arabian Woman", as a collection of thoughts that has been there for awhile trying to find a creative way out! The publication tip-toes on several topics between culture and religion in a funny- sarcastic way, expressing a person who is struggling to define the line between what's right and wrong.

You can view it online by clicking here

Hope you enjoy it! =) 

Tam, a mad woman! 

Friday, 7 September 2012

My First Street Art

Salaam Everyone! 

Hope you had a wonderful Eid.... 

Here are some snapshot's of my first street art paste... An efficient way to introduce your art to the public...
So keep an eye around you because I will be posting more of these in the streets... 

The work resembles a shot from a classic Gulf T.V show "Rgayya o Sabeecha"

The show among many others has been drawn in everyone's memory in the region, the perforemance and the content are one of the great factors that we lack nowadays

I found a spot that goes perfectly with the subject - where a building has just been knocked down and only traces of some walls left there

If you liked it then you might be interested to know that I will be having some of them launched as part of Motu's merchandise collection ^^ 

You can check more of Motu's in our official blog here.

All the best, 

Friday, 17 August 2012

One last day.....

Salaam Everyone, 

I hope you had a wonderful Ramadhan... 
For me I used it to experiment alot and some ideas  have started to develop well... You will see them soon in my blog or in Motu's soon enshAllah.... 

Meanwhile... Enjoy the last day of this blessed month... and Eid Mubarak to you and your beloved ones... 

تقبــــــل اللــــــــه طاعتـــــــكم 
كــــــل عـــــام وأنتوا بخيــــــر


Monday, 6 August 2012

Happy Gerg3oon! (Mid of Ramadhan)

Hello Everyone! 

As many of you might know about Gergaoon, I hope you had a great time! 
As for some who might be unfamiliar with it, here's a summary: 

As a part of our tradition we have the night of the mid of Ramadhan... When kids wear costumes and carry bags to go from one house to another chanting songs and asking for (gergaoon) which is basically candies, dried fruits and types of nut... Kind of similar to Halloween without the scary part =) 

Lately, it has developed to making customised gergaoon for the youngest kids in the family... Trust me.. People can go crazy with these as there are many exaggerated examples that it reached to a point where a family book a hall and distribute what it looks like candies and nuts for a year! 

Anyways... Since I was in the process of creating new patterns I thought I would give it a shot to desgin my little nephew's givaways for gergaoon... and here's what I came up with... 

Concept design for a sticker that wraps around a transparent box of gergaoon

  Original artwork made of pattterns inspired by traditional elements of the occasion
(click for a larger image) 

It was just a concept but if by any chance you liked it... I can take orders for next year! ;) 

Designed Patterns of the same category will be released soon so keep an eye for new posts! 


Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Time to hang some postcards!

Hello Everyone! 

Here's a fast way to hang your pictures, artwork, and postcards without the trouble of drilling holes into your wall! 

I am sure some might have gone across a similar idea online but here's what I have done in 30 -45 min:

What you need to have (Colors are acrylic matt, which are suitable to multiple surfaces like wood, pottery and metal)

When you are done painting the washed-clothes' clips it would be good to spray it with a matt varnish for a long term use (make sure the clips are totally dried and be careful when applying the varnish)

End result ^_^ Done in 45 min including drying and cleaning time! haha

Time to hang your favourite postcards!

And some of your work ;)

That way you can easily change them every now and then!


Thursday, 5 July 2012

A "LOUD" call from Saudi Arabia!

Hello Everybody =) 

So I heard about this exhibition in Saudi from my friends and thought to participate with my designed t-shirts... 


The following is what my artist friend, Leon.D had posted about it.... Many thanks to him for letting me "borrow" bit of his post in here... 

To view the full article and other posts for Leon.D's work, click here



" LOUD " Exhibition Review

This is a quick insight for Loud Exhibition.
The event was a major success for Desert Designs and NTI events and had lots of people , friends , artists and collectors too.... 
I leave you now to enjoy pictures from the event.

a picture of the space.

merchandise corner

There are Tamadher's T-shirts

This is my piece at the show

This painting belongs to Maha Al Sahaf

Thats Rze8aah awesome work

These were all the lovely people ( the family who supported us and kept it all fun and artsy )

a nice illustration by Amishka 

and last but not least basmas awesome glazed work 

(Published by Leon.D)