Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Time to hang some postcards!

Hello Everyone! 

Here's a fast way to hang your pictures, artwork, and postcards without the trouble of drilling holes into your wall! 

I am sure some might have gone across a similar idea online but here's what I have done in 30 -45 min:

What you need to have (Colors are acrylic matt, which are suitable to multiple surfaces like wood, pottery and metal)

When you are done painting the washed-clothes' clips it would be good to spray it with a matt varnish for a long term use (make sure the clips are totally dried and be careful when applying the varnish)

End result ^_^ Done in 45 min including drying and cleaning time! haha

Time to hang your favourite postcards!

And some of your work ;)

That way you can easily change them every now and then!


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