Monday, 6 August 2012

Happy Gerg3oon! (Mid of Ramadhan)

Hello Everyone! 

As many of you might know about Gergaoon, I hope you had a great time! 
As for some who might be unfamiliar with it, here's a summary: 

As a part of our tradition we have the night of the mid of Ramadhan... When kids wear costumes and carry bags to go from one house to another chanting songs and asking for (gergaoon) which is basically candies, dried fruits and types of nut... Kind of similar to Halloween without the scary part =) 

Lately, it has developed to making customised gergaoon for the youngest kids in the family... Trust me.. People can go crazy with these as there are many exaggerated examples that it reached to a point where a family book a hall and distribute what it looks like candies and nuts for a year! 

Anyways... Since I was in the process of creating new patterns I thought I would give it a shot to desgin my little nephew's givaways for gergaoon... and here's what I came up with... 

Concept design for a sticker that wraps around a transparent box of gergaoon

  Original artwork made of pattterns inspired by traditional elements of the occasion
(click for a larger image) 

It was just a concept but if by any chance you liked it... I can take orders for next year! ;) 

Designed Patterns of the same category will be released soon so keep an eye for new posts! 


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