Friday, 7 September 2012

My First Street Art

Salaam Everyone! 

Hope you had a wonderful Eid.... 

Here are some snapshot's of my first street art paste... An efficient way to introduce your art to the public...
So keep an eye around you because I will be posting more of these in the streets... 

The work resembles a shot from a classic Gulf T.V show "Rgayya o Sabeecha"

The show among many others has been drawn in everyone's memory in the region, the perforemance and the content are one of the great factors that we lack nowadays

I found a spot that goes perfectly with the subject - where a building has just been knocked down and only traces of some walls left there

If you liked it then you might be interested to know that I will be having some of them launched as part of Motu's merchandise collection ^^ 

You can check more of Motu's in our official blog here.

All the best, 

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